Cinco De Mayo, Derby, Super Moon & Speakeasy Playloud!


For our final night of Speakeasy:Playloud, we present to you maybe the most challenging lineup yet. Both Craig Comstock (This is My Condition) and Matt Hill (Umberto) are experimental solo performers who exist as both musicians and artists, playing in various formats in venues throughout the world, and collaborating with other artists along the way. This is a show which is sure to get the blood pumping.


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Speakeasy Exchange-Four: Creative Labor-Nuts and Bolts, May 3rd, 7 pm.

Speakeasy Exchange-Three: Non-profits vs. Non-Non-Profits

Speakeasy Exchanges are conversational platforms designed to draw on the collective knowledge and experience of all participants. Rather than reinforcing the roles of expert panel and attentive audience, invited guests in this series will come prepared with questions to stimulate and guide public discourse.

“58% of artists who exhibited at a New York non-profit organization between 2005 and 2010 received no form of payment, compensation or reimbursement – including the coverage of any expenses.”- 2010 W.A.G.E. Artists Survey

Speakeasy Exchange-Four: Creative Labor-Nuts and Bolts will be our last exchange during the course of the Speakeasy exhibition. This  conversation will explore further the complex ways in which artists work – both for themselves and for others. How does earning money interface with the gift economy at the core of many art practices? What makes the difference between alignment, synergy and compromise? How do the burgeoning “creative industries” impact other kinds of creative labor that are experimental, immaterial or provocative? Should artists be paid more for the work they do, or is there more creative freedom to be gained in inventing different kinds of value?

We will also discuss the results of the W.A.G.E Artist Survey. The purpose of the W.A.G.E. Survey was to gather information about the economic experiences of visual and performing artists exhibiting in nonprofit exhibition spaces and museums in New York City between 2005 and 2010. -From

Come down to the Speakeasy for a drink, and bring your ideas and experiences to the conversation. Thursday, May 3rd at 7 pm…..
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“I’d like to start with days,” -JS

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The Reading Night Brouhaha was in honor of Jordan Stempleman’s new book, No. Not Today, which is on Magic Helicopter Press and available here: 

The night consisted of a wide range of writers and readers from non-fiction, poetry and video works. The full list of curated readers were Gina Kauffman, Aaron Storck, Mitchell Kirkwood, Marie Dougherty, Jordan Stempleman, Camilo Roldan, Harold Alexander Savage, Phil Stephens, Gabrielle Costello and A. Bitterman.

We would like to thank everyone who joined us Friday evening for a wonderful event! Later that night, Jordan Stempleman said, “It was one of the most dynamite and warming nights in long term memory….It was a hell of a reading”. We thought so too.

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Reading Night Brouhaha!
















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Coffee & Toast, 4/29 and 5/6

Using a portion of the money donated to Bread! KC during their November Fundraiser Gala-la-la-la, Bread Boys Sean & Andy combine their proposals to present an alternative grant raising model called Coffee & Toast. Much like Bread! food is used to raise money for up to three creative, project based proposals by collecting money from diners. Unlike BREAD!, coffee and toast will be served instead of dinner, all presentations will be posted online instead of real time, and diners will vote with tips instead of ballots. By dropping cash into any or all of 3 available tip jars, each corresponding to a proposal, Coffee & Toast patrons give their support directly to their favorite project. Tips for will be collected over the course of the Speakeasy and be donated at the end of the exhibition; the project proposals will remain posted on Youtube for the same length of

Coffee and Toast is $4 with the expected tip to be between $1 and $6 dollars.

Dates: 4/29 and 5/6 between 12 and 5 @ The Speakeasy!

Please follow the links below and watch the presentations!

Bread and Glitter :

Creative Commissary:

Front Space:

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Last Week/This Week

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Its hard to explain what exactly happens at The Speakeasy. Hopefully, these images will be able to guide from Wednesday to Sunday of last week, showcasing the events, and program that we had planned. We had our first round of regulars photographed, a speakeasy exchange, Cartwheel, live music, a food swap and a dinner time discussion about dinner……..

We hope to see you this upcoming weekend at the Speakeasy, we have our Reading Night Brouhaha (4/27/12), this night is guaranteed to be a blast as many of KC’s local authors, poets, and just plain ol’ literary types come together to support Jordan Stempleman and the release of his recent book of poetry “No Not Today.” Readings from various writers include; Aaron Storck, Alex Savage, Gina Kaufmann, Pete Cowdin, Marie Dougherty, and many more. Come for the Brouhaha, stay for the readings. Jordan’s book can be purchased at

4/29/12, The third Speakeasy Exchange discusses the various mainstream and alternative models for arts and cultural centers. The public is invited to partake in this exchange of dialogue to weigh the pros and cons of such establishments and the roles in today’s art communities.

4/29/12- Coffee and Toast BREAD! KC

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Earth Day Food Swap!

KC Food Swap at The Speakeasy was a great success! Eggs, cookies, canned goods, arugula, jams, herbs, popsicles, kombucha, a sealed jar of an unknown amount of money, heirloom tomatoes, bread, new friends and foodways. Keep your ear to the ground for the next edition of the KC Food Swap! Thanks to all the swappers for coming out this Earth Day.KC Food Swap!

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