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Its hard to explain what exactly happens at The Speakeasy. Hopefully, these images will be able to guide from Wednesday to Sunday of last week, showcasing the events, and program that we had planned. We had our first round of regulars photographed, a speakeasy exchange, Cartwheel, live music, a food swap and a dinner time discussion about dinner……..

We hope to see you this upcoming weekend at the Speakeasy, we have our Reading Night Brouhaha (4/27/12), this night is guaranteed to be a blast as many of KC’s local authors, poets, and just plain ol’ literary types come together to support Jordan Stempleman and the release of his recent book of poetry “No Not Today.” Readings from various writers include; Aaron Storck, Alex Savage, Gina Kaufmann, Pete Cowdin, Marie Dougherty, and many more. Come for the Brouhaha, stay for the readings. Jordan’s book can be purchased at

4/29/12, The third Speakeasy Exchange discusses the various mainstream and alternative models for arts and cultural centers. The public is invited to partake in this exchange of dialogue to weigh the pros and cons of such establishments and the roles in today’s art communities.

4/29/12- Coffee and Toast BREAD! KC


About Sean M. Starowitz

Sean M. Starowitz’s work is executed in a variety of social, political, and community engaged contexts. Notable projects include Fresh Bread, BREAD! KC and Byproduct: The Laundromat. He has also explored curatorial projects such as The Speakeasy, and Vagabond, Kansas City’s premiere pop-up restaurant. He has contributed writings to Proximity Magazine and Temporary Art Review, and has lectured at Queens College in NY, UCLA’s World Arts and Cultures Department, and at American University in D.C. He currently resides in Kansas City, Missouri as the artist-in-residence at the Farm To Market Bread Company. He is a 2010 graduate of the Interdisciplinary Arts program at the Kansas City Art Institute and a 2012 Rocket Grant recipient with support from the Charlotte St. Foundation, Spencer Museum of Art and the Andy Warhol Foundation. More recently, he is a 2014 Charlotte St. Foundation Visual Art Award Fellow.
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