Coming Up: CartWheel, Grisly Hand, Howard Iceberg & The Titanics

Last week’s music featuring the Gamelan

The Gamelan Genta Kasturi performing at The Speakeasy last Saturday night

Genta Kasturi; Ashley Miller, Mark Southerland, & Shawn Hansen; and Bowl of dust and company went amazingly! we popped the garage door open, fired up the grill, and got lost in some wonderful tones! Thanks to everyone who attended, we managed to collect $102 for each group of performers! Hopefully we can get more next week…

We had a great exchange Wednesday! Thanks to all who came out; there was great dialogue, artists talking with non-artists, and, of course, plenty of bread!

CartWheel Inside the Speakeasy & Jessica's cute little dog

Coming up for The Speakeasy, this weekend only, we have the very amazing Jessica Rogers and her mobile craft store CartWheel which showcases KC area artists. CartWheel is a trailer that was refinished by Rogers with the aid of a Bread Grant. The mobile format allows her to sell goods in various locals, interacting with new audiences,

creating new dialogues, and expanding her potential customer base. Meet her tonight, Friday the 20th, at 5pm inside The Speakeasy with her trailer, where you can buy her wares and learn more about her as well as running an alternative mobile business!

The following day, Saturday the 21st at 2pm, Rogers will host a workshop using her experience and knowledge as a Craftivist to host a Stitch & Bitch. People will be able to gather and learn about sewing while also entering conversation about the current state of Craft in Contemporary Fine Art and Design.

Later that same night, Howard Iceberg & The Titanics will be performing with The Grisly Hand for the second live installment of Speakeasy:Playloud. Both bands are known for their solid Rock/Americana songwriting and their shows are always very personable. Tonight will be made all the more special with Grill Talk returning to do another round of BBQ and a free keg of Boulevard Pale Ale! Doors opening at 7pm, your $5 cover goes straight to the musicians!
Sunday the 22, starting at 1pm, The Speakeasy is proud to host the KC Food Swap where the public is invited to bring homemade canned, jarred, candied, Beer, preserves, pasta, honey, etc. to swap with others for their homemade goods. Everyone participating should bring at least 3 food based items. This event is followed with a presentation from local food enthusiats Jenny Vergara, Paul M. Ingold, and Tony Glamcevski about their work hosting, organizing, and photographing dinner events. We hope that the inclusion of these events further connects the culinary and fine arts communities. Please join us and gain some incite into food, as well as some tasty treats for later!

***Don’t Forget, Sean and Andrew will be at the space during all events serving sandwiches, beverages, & coffee! Sunday we will still be taking tips for Coffee and Toast Grant recipients, whose videos are posted on Youtube (Glitter and Bread, Creative commissary). Tips should be given to whichever projects you like the most in whatever ratio you see most fit. Speakeasy posters and buttons will be for sale as well as assorted XO Press publications and recordings, and, of course, a selection of CartWheel handmade goods! ***


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