Conversation Starter:Troost DIY Fest

The Troost DIY Fest occurred this weekend in Kansas City. The fest included 16 bands over a three night showing and the release of Troost Compilation Tape (over 20 bands) by XO press and cassettes. Its XO’s first release. The Fest included three neighborhood venues (Asshole Castle, The Gravyard, Manheimen) around the 41st and 43rd blocks of Troost. When I talked to Stephen Proski (operator of XO, and one of the organizers) about the Fest he simply said, “Someone’s got to do it, lots of these kids have potential and try real hard to make shit happen, in whatever way they can. Kansas City is a great place and needs to be taken advantage of…..”

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  1. Glad to visit this blog, keep it going.

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